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Payments giant Visa will take another important step to strengthen its cryptosystem

Şükriye Akdeniz

Nov 12, 2021

Visa will undertake significant recruitment to lead the crypto team

As it is known, Visa has made strategic moves to develop in the crypto field and is still working on adapting to crypto assets. The payments giant recently announced that it has partnered with digital wallets and crypto exchanges under its card program to accelerate the crypto-to-fiat conversion. The company, which has been operating smoothly until now, continues to develop in this field.
It was stated that the payments giant company is looking for another crypto expert as “Director, Visa Crypto Ecosystem Readiness Lead”. Visa stressed that the traits she specified for the candidate should be highly analytical, fluent in cryptocurrency, and an excellent problem solver.
With this office, the crypto specialist will be responsible for creating and growing new revenue streams for the company through crypto products, developing strategies to accelerate the acceptance of the company's cards by crypto platforms such as exchanges, wallets, NFT markets, and others.
In recent months, the payments giant continues to build its crypto team. Oliver Jenkyn, vice president of Visa, said:
“We want to be an outlet and a key point between the normal world and the crypto world.”

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