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XRP gains a significant advantage in Ripple SEC lawsuit

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 11, 2021

Ripple took a significant advantage after the SEC admitted that it did not inform any third parties that XRP is a security

SEC acceptance, on the other hand, was critical to Ripple's fair warning defense. According to analysts, the SEC case is now losing its importance.
Ripple has scored yet another victory with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that could mean they have the legal upper hand. The SEC has legally acknowledged that Ripple did not tell anyone that its XRP was security before the company was sued.
This development happened after Ripple's first request for admission to the SEC, which was added to the latest court filing. 99, a clause in the application, required the SEC to acknowledge before litigation that it had never notified a third party that XRP was security despite several requests.
After Ripple's initial request for admission to the SEC was added to the latest court filing, the SEC admitted that it had not told anyone that XRP was security until the lawsuit was filed. This has now become an official acknowledgment of the case.
This admission was a significant improvement for Ripple's fair warning defense, as it definitively showed that the company has been arguing for a long time. The company also stated that it does not sell securities to investors and inadvertently failed to give fair notice to the regulator.

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