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Would you like to donate Dogecoin to the animal shelter

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 24, 2021

PAWS Chicago will now also accept Dogecoin donations

PAWS Chicago, one of America's largest animal shelters, has started accepting the prank token Dogecoin. The 25-year-old foundation announced on Tuesday that PAWS Chicago, the largest animal shelter in the US Midwest, has begun accepting Dogecoin donations. CEO Susanna Homan underlined the foresight of the institution, saying that the purpose of this move is to connect with the growing crypto community.
The Dogecoin move came after PAWS Chicago partnered with leading advertising firm Leo Burnett. PAWS Chicago is proud that it has managed to reduce the number of homeless animals killed by 91% each year and has become an institutional model that can be a role model for all nations in an animal shelter.

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