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Will Ethereum surpass Bitcoin

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 20, 2021

Ethereum continues to rise after the hard fork, but will it surpass Bitcoin?

The continued interest and demand for Ethereum before the Ethereum London hard fork caused Ethereum to rise. After the hard fork, Ethereum continues to maintain its popularity. Also, Ethereum has been booming lately, not only in price but also in terms of investor interest. According to many financial firms, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin to rise to the rank of leading currency.
The biggest altcoin Ethereum has brought a lot of excitement to the crypto exchange this year.
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin sees the future of crypto well, especially after the updated EIP-1559 implementation in the London hard fork. Buterin said during an interview he attended that he expects the price of ETH to be 10 times higher than current levels. So, the ETH price is hoping to reach a massive $30,000 level by the end of the year.
Finally, Point Pay CEO Andrew Svyatov says that Ethereum is a more democratic cryptocurrency that all companies and firms should invest in.
Svyatov commented on this in a recent interview:
“The commission on the Ethereum network fell threefold and came to an average of $16. This is much more advantageous for users than $ 70 in April-May 2021. However, opinions on the profitability of ETH mining differ among miners. Looking towards the end of the year, the profitability of ETH mining may decline. Also, the move to version 2.0 will replace mining with a "greener" model that is not entirely dependent on equipment capacity: Staking.
The move to PoS will make Ethereum faster, more environmentally friendly by eliminating mining and continuing Ethereum's effort to create a universal platform for developers and write decentralized applications. This could enable the network to become a global platform for writing uncensored applications that could make it the number one cryptocurrency in the future.”

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