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Will Belarus be another country legalizing Bitcoin mining

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 1, 2021

The number of Bitcoin mining countries is increasing

As it is known, Iran was among the first countries to legalize Bitcoin mining despite its failing economy. Another country that legalized Bitcoin mining was Kazakhstan, which became a BTC mining center after the Bitcoin mining ban in China.
The new country to legalize mining could be the Republic of Belarus, after Iran and Kazakhstan. However, no official statement has yet been made. During the opening of the Petrikovsky mining and processing plant, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko called for the supply of necessities for Bitcoin mining.
“They are not waiting for us anywhere, but if someone is waiting, then it may be in the fields, as Ukrainians often say: Poles or Germans struggling to pick strawberries … we have a lot of places here in Petrikiv, start mining cryptocurrencies.”
The President believes that Belarus has several sites and sufficient electricity that can be used to build BTC mining infrastructure.
Last year, the country's largest bank also launched its cryptocurrency exchange services, which allow its customers to buy and sell crypto assets using their VISA cards.

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