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SkyBridge Capital announces new NFT platform

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 14, 2021

SkyBridge Capital investment firm announced the launch of an NFT platform called Flatter

SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm led by Anthony Scaramucci, has announced that it will enter the NFT platform. The company made the first announcement of the upcoming platform at the 2021 SALT Conference in New York City.
In the press release, Scaramucci made the following statements:
“I have always wanted to be at the forefront of technological innovation and this platform allows us to make NFTs tangible by pairing them with unique collections and experiences.”
Two different sales will take place during the first NFT launch. In the first, 140 bottles with Scaramucci on them will be sold. Each portrait is the work of the French digital artist '8th Project', where the artist and Scaramucci personally signed each bottle. The bottles will be sold in blocks of three. Each bottle in the first block will be sold for 1 ETH ($3,220), the second for 1.25 ETH ($4,026), and the third for 1.5 ETH ($4,831).
NFT will provide product purchasers with SALT 2022 tickets and a double seat at the VIP dinner, and some of the proceeds from the sale will fund the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.
Flatter's second pack will include NFT SALT tickets adorning the company's logo with a salt shaker. Each ticket will give you lifetime access to every SALT conference worldwide with VIP access.
Scaramucci added the following sentences:
“I am excited to introduce this new concept and include the first two tracks, the SALT conference that was groundbreaking when it was first released in 2009.”

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