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Robinhood announces cryptocurrency revolution

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 8, 2021

The platform today announced an innovation that will make crypto investors happy

Robinhood is among the most popular crypto trading platforms in the world. The platform today announced an innovation that will make crypto investors happy.
Thanks to the revolutionary feature called “Recurring crypto investments”, investors will be able to save by avoiding market volatility.
Here is the statement made by Robinhood:
“Today we are introducing “recurring crypto investments”, a new feature that allows you to buy your favorite coins regularly, commission-free, and a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, starting at $1. Saving is a habit and recurring investments offer a strategy to grow assets over time while potentially reducing the impact of market volatility.
Crypto markets can be volatile due to the nature of the industry. Investing consistently can help you focus on long-term growth, reduce risk, and reduce the stress of timing the markets. This is a strategy called “dollar-cost averaging” in the industry. Dollar-cost averaging encourages investing gradually at regular intervals, rather than all at once and regardless of where market prices are, to help smooth out price fluctuations that can sometimes occur.
There is another advantage to recurring investments in crypto through Robinhood. You can set up recurring investments in multiple cryptocurrencies at no cost. Many other crypto trading platforms charge commission fees of up to 4% for every crypto trade. On top of that, fees on other platforms are higher for small recurring purchases than for a single large purchase. While this may make your strategy of regularly investing small dollar amounts more profitable for these companies, it is counterproductive to long-term wealth building. If you place an order on Robinhood and spend $100 to buy Bitcoin, you will get $100 worth of bitcoins.
Our mission is to democratize finance for all. Whatever your purpose is; Whether you are growing your crypto portfolio, becoming a full-fledged cryptocurrency, or creating a long-term investment plan, it can help you achieve your goal with less stress and hassle with recurring investment. Recurring crypto investments are gradually being rolled out to all clients this month.”
According to Robinhood's statement, customers residing in New York will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

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