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Ripple CEO Garlinghouse criticizes the SEC

Uğur Bayram

Aug 31, 2021

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse criticized the SEC on Twitter.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse criticized the SEC on Twitter.
Garlinghouse published an article in Forbas, criticizing the SEC and using the following statements:
“This was clear from the very beginning. The lawsuit filed by the SEC is not just about Ripple. So what is it about? Altogether, using the impossible to abide by standards of fair reporting and due process, what can be done to crypto innovation with the power of regulation… Without warning, anyone could be next. My experience from this whole process is never bet against the tenacity and diligence of the Twitter detectives!”
In this article published in Forbas, US government institutions, especially the SEC, received criticism on crypto money. The article mentions the following about the lawsuit filed against Ripple:
“This attempt against the SEC is actually not specifically made to support Ripple. This is purely a response to forced regulation and deliberate market turmoil. The SEC claims that since 2013 XRP has been sold as an unregistered security. He also says it's a security that has no use. The institution states that everyone should know that XRP is a security for 8 years, but he also admits that he did not know what status XRP was until the day he filed the lawsuit. Frankly, they did not anticipate that the case would take this long and that Ripple would be able to resist. And in the last infrastructure package, we saw how the crypto industry was united and surprised politicians.”

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