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Protests continue in El Salvador; Burned Bitcoin kiosk

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 16, 2021

Protesting President Bukele with Bitcoin becoming legal in the country, Salvadorans set fire to a BTC kiosk in the country's capital, San Salvador

According to published reports, protesters marched with banners that read "No to dictatorship" and "We have been scammed by Bitcoin". And then they set the machine on fire in one of the shops in Plaza Gerardo Barrios, where the BTC kiosk was set up.
During Mayor Mario Durán's demonstration, he tried to placate the protesters but met with resistance.
While Salvadorans protest against BTC, they also believe that Bukele is trying to consolidate his power after proposing more than 200 amendments to the constitution. These proposals include lifting the ban on presidential re-election and explaining why they are marching with banners saying no to dictatorship.

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