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One of the world's largest asset management companies Increases Bitcoin Investment

Şükriye Akdeniz

Oct 21, 2021

$2.2 Trillion PIMCO is keen on cryptocurrencies and aims to add more Bitcoin to its portfolio

PIMCO is a $2.2 trillion asset management company founded in 1971 and is also known as a fixed income manager. In addition to its current portfolio, the company plans to acquire more cryptocurrencies. The company is known to be particularly interested in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies-related securities.
Daniel Ivascyn, the company's CIO, emphasized in an interview yesterday that the company already buys and sells crypto-related securities. The goal of PIMCO, which also uses different mutual fund portfolios, is to gradually increase its cryptocurrency investment.
Thinking that cryptocurrencies are the new trend, the chief investment manager of PIMCO emphasized that they met with investors and that the interest in cryptocurrencies increased as a result of the meeting. PIMCO aims to take slow and firm steps in this field, which continues to develop rapidly, to gain the trust of the investor.
While Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, was at a record level, the increasing demand from institutions was an expected development. As the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin increases, the course of the currency may be less volatile and reach the expected price level.

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