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Microsoft will receive support from Ethereum in its fight against piracy

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 16, 2021

Microsoft has added Ethereum support to the measures it will take to combat piracy

Windows operating system and Office Productivity Suite are one of the platforms that experience the most software piracy. For this reason, Microsoft, which is the developer of both products, is trying to take new measures to combat piracy.
In an article published by the Microsoft research department, the Redmond-based software giant explored a blockchain-based incentive system as part of the fight against piracy.
It has been suggested that Argus is based on the transparency criterion of Microsoft's new system blockchain technology. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Argus focuses on providing complete transparency securely. And this is seen as a messy system issue.
“Despite full transparency, we have overcome multiple hurdles to ensure security in practice. “
With the security and convenience that Argus will offer, we hope that real-world anti-piracy campaigns will be truly effective by becoming a fully transparent incentive mechanism.
The article detailing the issue of Ethereum network fees explained that the team has optimized several crypto operations. This reduced the cost of hacking reports to the equivalent of sending around 14 ETH transfer transactions.
To prevent the victimization of software piracy on a global scale, technology companies around the world are sensitively addressing the issue of combating digital piracy.

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