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Miami Mayor Calls: Choose a Bitcoin-friendly US President

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 10, 2021

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez talked about Bitcoin in his speech at Bitmain's Digital Mining Conference.

“Go out there and select the next president of the United States as a pro-Bitcoin president,” President Suarez said at Thursday’s conference.
Mayor Suarez is particularly a strong advocate of innovative developments. Suarez used Bitcoin to change public perception of Miami and give the city a new Silicon Valley aura. During his talk, Suarez talked about working for years to integrate Bitcoin into Miami's lifestyle.
Suarez: “Miami has been called the Bitcoin capital of the world by many”
For the President working to get Bitcoin into the city's balance sheet, Miami has seen significant employment growth and innovation in the tech sector over the past year, in part as a result of his own efforts.
Suarez's goal is to make Miami America's most innovative city. As his speech suggests, governments can sometimes help facilitate such innovations.
Suarez told the audience:
“Governments will lose control of Bitcoin. But it's not necessarily a bad thing for governments to lose control."
According to Suarez, there were 3 challenges to ensuring a pro-Bitcoin regulatory future:
1- “Learn ways to simplify what is going on and explain it to a layperson.”
2- “Learn how to message (messaging).”
3- “Go out there and choose the next president of the USA as a pro-Bitcoin president.”
The President of America and his administration, who have not publicly spoken about Bitcoin until today, prefer to remain indifferent to this issue.

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