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Miami Coin is coming

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 15, 2021

Miami becomes the first city to approve crypto, the Mayor of Miami announced the news to Miamians on Twitter

The US city of Miami has become the first city to approve a local cryptocurrency. The token to be created will be based on Bitcoin's smallest unit "SAT" and will be called Miami Coin.
Miami Coin has access to up to $4.3 million approved by the Miami City Commission. It has also been announced that Miami Coin can be mined using the Bitcoin mining apparatus, and for each token mined, the mayor will provide access to funds that can be used to improve the city.
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a known Bitcoin advocate and talking about making Miami the crypto center of the USA, announced the news on Twitter as follows:
“MiamiCoin generated $4.5M in just 40 days (much more to come!), which got accepted by the City of Miami today!
This would NOT be possible without a visionary, technologically progressive Mayor like @FrancisSuarez “
Miami Coin claims to be the first of its kind and completely community-driven. This cryptocurrency plans to expand its use cases beyond Miami shortly.

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