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Largest derivatives exchange launches Bitcoin futures product

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 25, 2021

Unlike the US, Europe is interested in digital assets, Europe's largest exchange Eurex has announced the list of its first Bitcoin ETN futures

As the cryptocurrency market grows day by day, the rate of adoption of this market by individuals, institutions, and even countries is increasing. While many countries are taking new steps in the field of crypto events, many institutions are adding crypto innovations to their bodies.
Europe continues its crypto progress faster than other sectors. Eurex, Europe's largest futures and options market, has announced the upcoming listing of its first Bitcoin ETN futures.
According to the information released, Bitcoin futures will be launched by ETC Group, a leading provider of digital asset-backed securities. The listing is scheduled for September 13 this year.
Europe leads the way in Bitcoin adoption, while the US lags behind
While the US remains indifferent, several European countries have somehow already opened their doors to digital currencies. Europe is also bringing in new laws, along with countries like Switzerland, Germany, which support the crypto industry more than ever and give the industry more and more rights.

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