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Facebook will add NFT features to Novi Digital Wallet

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 25, 2021

Facebook has made a move to make the Calibra digital wallet a trend again and has announced plans to include NFT features in its digital wallet

While NFT's popularity rapidly increased, Facebook also managed to attract attention. While NFTs are currently the hottest development in the cryptocurrency space, they have also quickly overtaken DeFi as the hottest property on the market and are showing no signs of a downturn. Given Facebook's brand equity, it may be a matter of time before the NFT market becomes more popular than it already is.
In a statement on Bloomberg TV, executive David Marcus reported that Facebook plans to include NFT features in its digital wallet. According to Marcus, Facebook is in a good position to be involved in a variety of ways.
Facebook's Novi Wallet can be thought of as the trending Calibra digital wallet again.
Once the launch of the wallet, bringing in some NFTs will also be a good time to take advantage of the interest. It is hoped that the extra Facebook free payouts will encourage usage.
Marcus also said that the company is waiting for the launch of the Diem currency before Novi can launch with it, adding that when it comes to innovation, “the US is behind at an alarming rate.”

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