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Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin in 2022

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 2, 2021

As USDT Usage Increases, ETH Will Earn

We can say that cryptocurrencies, which almost everyone knows about, and which are in the portfolio of many people, are experiencing their most popular period in 2021. After the global epidemic, people staying at home, especially young people, showed great interest in cryptocurrencies. While this popularity is positive for cryptocurrencies, it has had a negative impact on some fiat currencies.
The US dollar was one of the damaged fiat currencies. The use of fiat currencies, such as the US dollar, has dwindled after people gradually began to switch to digital.
In addition, the existence of stable coins known as USDT or USDC in the crypto money industry has increased people's use of indexed but digital assets instead of the US dollar.
According to a famous cryptocurrency analyst, USDT can mediate a shift in the balance between BTC and ETH.
Analyst Mike McGlone was initially among the Bitcoin lovers, but in recent months he has become completely Ethereum-oriented.
In his latest statement, the famous name emphasized that the whole world will soon move away from the US dollar and will start using digital US dollars. McGlone stated that after China's digital currency move, the US will also take steps for the digital dollar. According to McGlone, Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin as soon as the US starts using cryptocurrencies like USDT in general.
Emphasizing the volatility of the DeFi markets, the analyst stated that it is likely that there will be a change between ETH and BTC very soon. This is expected in mid-2022.

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