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Ethereum mining revenue outperformed Bitcoin

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 31, 2021

Ethereum mining revenue surpasses Bitcoin for the fourth consecutive month

Ethereum mining revenue increased significantly in August. The reason is the intense interest in the NFT industry. While Ethereum mining revenue for July was around $1.08 billion, that number reached $1.65 billion in August.
With the rise in prices, Bitcoin mining revenue also increased. Returns from BTC mining increased from just over $971 million in July to $1.23 billion in August.
The increase in Ethereum's mining income allowed it to overtake Bitcoin in the mining race. Ethereum mining revenue increased about 35% more than Bitcoin in August.
Ethereum mining revenue, which first surpassed Bitcoin in May, has managed to maintain its current position since then. At the end of August, Ethereum mining surpassed Bitcoin for the fourth month in a row. This is the longest in crypto history.

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