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Ethereum's new investor, Brazilian asset manager Kinea

Şükriye Akdeniz

Oct 19, 2021

Investment platform Kinea made its first investment in leading altcoin Ethereum by including crypto assets in its budget

All countries have different perspectives on crypto assets. Brazil is one of the countries that welcome the crypto asset positively. It is known that Brazilian individual investors, in particular, regularly invest in crypto. In addition to these, organizations and businesses are also closely interested in cryptocurrencies.
Kinea, which started its operations in 2007, recognized crypto assets and allocated part of its budget to buy cryptocurrencies. The company made its first investment in Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency.
The use of crypto by Brazilians, who are adopting crypto-assets faster than other countries, is quite high across the country. After El Salvador, Brazil may be another Latin American country that officially recognizes crypto assets. Due to the widespread use in the country, it is thought that the government is likely to make such a decision.
Mutual fund Kinea made its first investment two months ago to explore crypto assets. The leading altcoin Ethereum was chosen for the first investment made for exploratory purposes. One of the remarkable points was that the company stepped into the crypto world by choosing Ether instead of Bitcoin.
Kinea company manager Marco Aurelio Freire announced their investment at the press conference. Marco Aurelio Freire said:
“I cannot specify the investment amount, but we bought some Ether to explore the market. Crypto assets play a big role in diversifying the portfolio. I think crypto assets are a trend that will see the value.”
And added;
“Investors only know Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. But there is more to the market than Bitcoin.”

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