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El Salvador's Bitcoin wallet is ready to use

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 23, 2021

El Salvador's government-backed Bitcoin wallet will launch early next month, according to President Nayib Bukele's statement

President Nayib Bukele stated in his tweet that the Chivo wallet will be ready for download on September 7. During the installation process of this wallet, which people can use if they wish, users will receive $ 30 Bitcoin.
Bukele, who repeatedly repeated in his announcement that the use of the Chivo wallet is optional, said that the citizens do not have to deal with digital commerce and that the wallets are for those who are interested. Users will be able to make payments in Bitcoin or dollars between individuals and businesses wherever they are in the world. Bukele also added that tourist workers can also receive payments in BTC through El Salvador's digital wallet infrastructure.
Chivo Wallet has some notable features
Users will be able to convert bitcoin transactions directly to dollars,
Users will be able to hold their BTC and then withdraw it in cash at 200 ATMs in the country,
Deposits and withdrawals can also be handled easily.
The country's legislature approved a bill recognizing Bitcoin as a legal currency in June of this year. The launch of the Chivo wallet will coincide with the enactment of El Salvador's bitcoin law.

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