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Crypto regulations would be positive for BTC, he said

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 17, 2021

MicroStrategy CEO's said, activating appropriate regulatory rules in the crypto market will have a very positive effect on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO considers it necessary to make regulations in the cryptocurrency market. Because, according to Saylor, the regulations to be made will have a positive effect on Bitcoin. The CEO, who did not fail to praise Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, said that Bitcoin is the "only investment able asset" for institutions.
In an interview with Bloomberg, American billionaire Michael Saylor shared his views on hot cryptocurrency topics like regulatory oversight, the advantages of Bitcoin.
According to Saylor, regulations in the space will have a positive impact on the entire market, and also, with regulatory enforcement, Bitcoin's volatility may decrease. This could increase Bitcoin's popularity among the general public. He believes institutional adoption of cryptocurrency will also accelerate soon:
“Clarity is needed. Crypto regulations and clarity in the industry will reduce volatility in the Bitcoin space and increase public confidence in Bitcoin.”

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