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Crypto regulations statement from the President of the Central Bank of Brazil

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 20, 2021

Roberto Campos Neto, “as important as crypto payment platforms are, so are cryptocurrencies”

According to Brazilian Central Bank Governor Roberto Campos Neto, local regulations should facilitate investors' demand for cryptocurrencies. The Central Bank Governor thinks that cryptocurrencies will have an important role as payment platforms.
The central bank governor, Neto, took office in 2019 and has since worked hard to strengthen and develop the technological trend of Brazil's financial sector.
The Trust Project, which is planned to be carried out, means an international news organization partnership that establishes transparency standards. Campos Neto says local regulations will only be made to facilitate investors' demand for cryptocurrencies.
Campos Neto said the following at an event organized by the Council of America on Thursday:
“This stems from the need for people to have their payments very fast, open, secure, and transparent in every way.”
Finally, Campos Neto added:
“The financial market is changing so much that it all turns into data. We need to reshape the editing world.”

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