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Crypto gives hope to Russian investors

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 2, 2021

3 out of 4 investors in Russia prefer crypto money as an investment tool

According to the results of a recent survey, the vast majority of Russians who invest in crypto consider crypto assets to be a more attractive investment vehicle than gold or traditional fiat currencies. Even those who have never traded digital assets are planning to buy cryptocurrencies soon.
According to the results of a survey by the country's Forex Dealers Association, national currencies are increasingly losing their appeal for Russian investors. Just over 14% of respondents said they would invest in fiat money, while a substantial 76.9% would rather buy digital assets like bitcoin. According to less than 9%, any currency is not suitable for a good investment and instead, they think gold should be the investment tool of choice.
More than 17% of the respondents trade digital currencies at least once a month, while the rate of those who trade cryptocurrencies more often than that is 35.1%.
In addition, 77.1% of those who have never traded cryptocurrencies aim to buy cryptocurrencies soon, while 15.3% of those surveyed stated that they have not yet decided on this issue. According to the survey, only 7.6% do not consider buying cryptocurrencies.
More than 90% of those surveyed between 4 and 24 August were in the 25-44 age range. What is impressive is that 76.5% of respondents believe that the share of digital currencies in circulation will continue to increase over the next five years. According to the results of a survey conducted in April, 14% of all Russians between the ages of 18-65 believe that cryptocurrency will surpass fiat currency within ten years.

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