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Bitcoin mining difficulty level increased by 8 percent

Şükriye Akdeniz

Nov 3, 2021

Bitcoin mining gets more difficult over time

There have been many developments during the year regarding the mining of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In addition to those who stopped mining in their country, some countries attracted miners to their side. The issue of mining, which is constantly on the agenda due to the damage it causes to the environment, continues to be discussed.
While Bitcoin mining continued despite all these discussions, the producer institutions gradually improved themselves in this field and included new devices.
China, on the other hand, was the country that drew the hardest line in Bitcoin mining. The Asian country, which has become the biggest problem in Bitcoin mining, left the miners in very difficult conditions. Mining operations in the Asian country, where strict and strict rules were applied, faced great difficulty for a while. However, many individuals and corporate businesses that continued their mining operations left China one by one.
Bitcoin (BTC) mining gets harder over time. Every period BTC issuance increases the difficulty level. A report has been published by Glass node on the subject. In the latest report, it was stated that there is a difficult increase in BTC mining. When we look at the numbers, the difficulty level has increased by 8 percent.
Bitcoin mining has reached its highest level of difficulty since June of 2021. Glassnode made the following statement:
“Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached 93e22 hashes. This means that each BTC block requires 930k Exahash to resolve in an average block time of 10 minutes. The mining difficulty is higher than the previous 5 difficulty adjustment windows.”

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