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Binance will offer a systematic crypto investment service through Visa and Mastercard

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 7, 2021

With this feature, investors will be able to access the automatic purchase service

Binance has announced a new fixed investment functionality feature. This investment program will allow investors to buy fixed amounts of cryptocurrencies within a certain time frame, thus providing a systematic crypto investment service for investors.
Binance users will be able to pre-order cryptocurrency purchases using their own VISA and MasterCard. However, the fixed investment function is currently only supported by VISA or Mastercard.
With this new feature, Binance will provide convenience to users by offering automatic purchasing services.
This feature means that investors can fix a certain purchase amount for the cryptocurrencies they prefer, and this fixed amount repeats the purchase in certain time periods. For example, designated purchases can be deducted from Visa or Mastercards “every day, every week, fortnightly or every month”. This feature is popularly known as "Recurring Purchase".
However, Recurring Purchase will be another automatic feature that eliminates manual investment from users. However, although this feature provides convenience, it does not guarantee an extraordinary return. Still, the exchange stressed that these fixed investment programs are modified or suspended at the discretion of investors.

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