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Basketball star Stephen Curry partners with FTX

Şükriye Akdeniz

Sep 8, 2021

NBA superstar Stephen Curry has taken another step into the cryptocurrency industry by partnering with crypto derivatives exchange FTX

According to an official announcement, the purpose of the partnership agreement is to increase the company's popularity among individual investors. Also, the news that Basketball star Curry will buy stock in FTX has created rumors that he will become a global ambassador for the stock market.
Additionally, FTX will launch several charity initiatives under the new agreement.
Speaking at a forum, Curry said:
“I'm excited to partner with a company that illuminates the crypto space and isn't intimidating for first-time users. When it comes to giving back to the community in meaningful ways, FTX agrees and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.”
The famous player, who is a three-time NBA champion, stated that the partnership is his first major investment in the crypto space.
Stephen Curry bought a rare Bored Ape digital art for $180,000 last month and was included in the NFT majority.
After its partnership with FTX, Golden State Warriors Point Guard asked fans for tips in a Twitter post.
“I'm just getting started with the crypto game… any advice?”
While many crypto supporters advised Curry, asking him to buy a cryptocurrency, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor replied to the NBA star that he could send a direct message if needed:
“Steph, I spent over a thousand hours thinking about this question and chose bitcoin. I've bought over $3 billion worth of BTC so far because I think this is the future of the digital property. I've posted tons of free #bitcoin tutorials on (or DM).

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