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Australia Aims To Become A Global Crypto Leader

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 29, 2021

Summary: According to the results of a survey, 25% of Australians own or plan to own cryptocurrencies

Chaired by NSW Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, the committee hosted its second public session focused on cryptocurrencies. This committee was formed to develop Australia as a technology and financial centre. Market participants present during the call highlighted that Australia is in an important position to become a global leader in digital assets. Respondents particularly highlighted the growing institutional involvement in the industry and therefore said that it could enter the $1 trillion cryptocurrency custody market, which continues to grow rapidly. In addition to local crypto industry members, there have also been academics who have recommended legal recognition of decentralized autonomous organizations governed solely by computer code.
According to the results of a recent Finder survey, 25% of Australians own or plan to own cryptocurrencies. However, their knowledge of the industry definitely needs improvement, as the same survey shows that 56% of Australians think Elon Musk created Bitcoin.

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