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Asian countries have become the top crypto adopters

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 17, 2021

Asian countries invest more in cryptocurrencies compared to other countries, according to a survey

Asia is almost ready to rank among the world's largest in crypto adoption as well as its continental size. The top five leading countries in cryptocurrency investment are in Asia, according to data from a new worldwide survey examining retail crypto investment in 27 countries. did the survey, and 41% of survey respondents own at least one cryptocurrency. With this confirmed information, it was concluded that the highest level in retail crypto investments was in Vietnam. On the other hand, the UK and the US are at the bottom of the list, with 9% and 8% of respondents respectively owning crypto.
This study was done through Google with 42,000 people in 27 countries. However, it was emphasized that Google's infrastructure differs in each country, and the report's power to represent the whole country is low. Countries with good infrastructure yield more results than countries with bad infrastructure.
It is also followed by India and Indonesia, following Vietnam. Both countries had a 30% digital presence among survey respondents. Next in the line are Malaysia and the Philippines, just a few percentage points behind.

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