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Alonzo Update After 2 Weeks

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 30, 2021

Cardano founder talks about Alonzo update

Cardano is two weeks away from the launch of smart contracts. The largest proof-of-stake blockchain has entered the “final” phase before smart contracts are activated on the mainnet. Developers will be watching closely for any issues that need to be resolved before the Alonzo update. As it is known, the Alonzo hard fork combiner event will take place on September 12.
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has released a video update for the community. The update is about the final testnet rollout and the upcoming Alonzo release.
Cardano developers will fix bugs ahead of testnet launch and Alonzo presentation:
“Everything is green and going, we are on schedule.”
Cardano's founder regarding the update
"It's going to be a pretty uneventful update and we're pretty happy about it."
However, Hoskinson showed an octopus toy. In the current look (colored like a rainbow), it's a "haptopus" (happy octopus) as Charles describes, and if the Alonzo launch on September 12 goes well, his look will stay that way.

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