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1inch DeFi Wallet announces expected 1.5.0 update

Şükriye Akdeniz

Aug 31, 2021

1inch Network announced in a tweet that the legendary 1.5.0 update for the 1inch DeFi wallet is now live

The decentralized stock aggregator, 1inch, is an application that guides you to find the best price after scanning the decentralized stock exchanges. With the v2 update in November 2020, it provides users with price information from 21 different decentralized exchanges in total, together with decentralized finance applications.
After this update, 1inch got the highly anticipated staking feature and EIP-1559 support.
In a statement, 1inch emphasized that “staking is only available for Ethereum and BSC for now.”
In addition, the 1inch has recently received a management upgrade. Two months ago, 1inch Network Governance was launched, which provides active community participation in decision making, especially for protocol parameters. This upgrade has made 1inch protocols more transparent and efficient in terms of evaluation and adoption of proposals.
In addition, 1inch Network is an active project that constantly strives for self-improvement and shows this with updates.

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